Free CE The Basics of Venous Blood Gas Analysis

Recorded Webinar: The Basics of Venous Blood Gas Analysis

Are blood gas and acid-base analysis causing your blood to boil? Learn the importance of and the techniques for venous blood gas interpretation.

Dog in rehabilitation

Recorded Webinar: Canine Stifle Injury Series Part 2: Post-operative Rehabilitation

Walk through rehabilitation of the post-operative stifle injury patient in this free webinar.

Stifle Injury Exam

Recorded Webinar: Canine Stifle Injury Series Part 1: Caring for Cruciate Ligament Deficiency

Learn about the latest surgical advancements in canine cruciate ligament deficiency, what to expect from a specialist, and what you can do when referral isn’t an option. Photo courtesy of Derek B. Fox, DVM, PhD, DACVS

Recorded Webinar: Common Oral Pathology in Dogs & Cats

Unsure what to do with occlusal abnormalities, discolored teeth, or uncomplicated crown fractures? Gain confidence with this webinar.

subcutaneous lesion in dog

Recorded Webinar: Cytology of Skin and Subcutaneous Lesions

Regain confidence in your diagnoses with his straightforward approach to cytology.

husky on iv

Recorded Webinar: Simplified Fluid Therapy for the Busy Practitioner

Unsure what to add to the bag? This FREE 1-hr webinar gives answers to this common question by walking us through the unique challenges of fluid therapy.

Tick on dog

Recorded Webinar: Hematology of Infectious Disease

Does reviewing blood films make you uneasy? Do you question if it’s artifact or parasite? Watch this Free 1-HR webinar with Michael Rosser, DVM, DACVP, MS

ultrasound on dog

Recorded Webinar: What’s In That Belly??! Your Beginner’s Guide to Canine Abdominal Ultrasound

Watch this free webinar or an introduction to identifying the five main abdominal organs on a live canine patient.

Recorded Webinar: Surgical Management of Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome

Learn about brachycephalic airway syndrome surgical techniques to give your clients peace of mind and peace at night!

Cat with Chin Allergy

Recorded Webinar: Atopic Cats . . . What Are My Options

Dr. Alice Jeromin, Veterinary Dermatologist, brings an organized approach to evaluating and treating atopic cats who can present with extremely variable clinical signs.


Recorded Webinar: Nuances of Neutrophils: Mastering Interpretation

Broaden your differential diagnoses with a focus on the causes of increased or decreased neutrophil count in this 1-hour webinar.