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Learn the following from the comfort of your home.

Each live event will be recorded if you are not able to make the session date.

Veterinary Ultrasound:

Learn this invaluable diagnostic modality and how it can help you in your veterinary practice. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned scanner, interested in Abdominal Ultrasound or Echocardiography, MSK, VPocus or maybe just need a refresher, these online courses may be for you.  Compliment these courses with one of our in-person scan labs coming soon!

Soft Tissue Surgery:

Follow these modules to learn the basics of Soft Tissue Surgery including Upper Airway Conditions, GIT Surgery, Urogenital Surgery, Hepatobiliary Surgery, and Minimally Invasive Surgery with Ameet Singh DVM DVSC. DACVS-SA. Compliment these courses with our in person wet labs coming soon!

Dental Radiology:

Learn the Basics of Small Animal and Equine Dental Radiology with our Courses on Best Practices for Dental Radiology and Dental Xray positioning.


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