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In-House Veterinary Analyzers

Always advancing in veterinary medicine.

Let Heska Canada redefine your in-house lab.

Heska’s Element Series of product advancements include state-of-the-art chemistry, hematology, and blood gas & electrolyte systems, as well as specialty analyzers for immunoassay and coagulation parameters. Backed by the Reset Subscription Program, achieving a best-in-class in-house lab has never been so easy.

Element DC5X Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer

Element DC5X

Heska’s newest, professional grade clinical chemistry.

Element HT5 Veterinary Hematology Analyzer

Element HT5

True 5-part WBC differential, RBC and platelet parameters in under 1 minute.

Element POC

Element POC

Handheld blood chemistry, electrolytes, hematology, acid-base and blood gas analyzer.

Element HT5 Veterinary Hematology Analyzer and Element DC5X Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer


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Element i+ Immunodiagnostic Analyzer

Element i+

The Element i+ Immunodiagnostic Analyzer supports your diagnostic needs with Total T4, Cortisol, Progesterone and cTSH. Nu.Q Cancer Test coming soon!

HeskaView Telecytology

HeskaView Telecytology

Wield the power of digital telecytology consultants with board certified clinical pathologists across the globe.

scil Vet abc Plus

scil Vet abc Plus+

Space saving and easy to use touch screen makes this hematology the perfect addition to any Veterinary clinic.

Cube Vet Analyzer


Measure specialty chemistry parameters including Canine/Feline Lipase (pancreatic-specific), Fructosamine, Ammonia, cCRP, SAA, Fibrinogen, GLDH and Lactate.

Element DCX

Element DCX

Simple, fast and flexible chemistry with superior accuracy.

Element COAG+

Run PT and aPTT in the treatment room, cage side, or in the operating room.

Element AIM Automated Artificial Intelligence Microscopy

Element AIM Automated Artificial Intelligence Microscopy

There’s a better way to do urine and fecal analysis


A palatable allergy treatment solution delivered under the tongue.

Veterinary Allergy Treatment Canada


The safest long term allergy treatment for canine, feline or equine patients.


The gold standard in serum IgE testing.

Element HT5+®

True 5-part WBC differential PLUS reticulocytes in 90 seconds.

Heska NuQ Cancer Screening Test


Nu.Q®…empowering veterinary care teams with the industry’s only in-house canine cancer blood test.