Digital Imaging

Best-in-class for the Way You Work

From the leading designers in veterinary digital imaging for over a decade.

The time is now to upgrade your digital imaging suite.

Positively impact your bottom line with the ability to do more exams, faster, with visibly superior images to share with your clients, patient side. Exposing, storing, referring, consulting, sharing, planning, retrieving, protecting, and communicating, from exam room to surgery suite will be easier and faster, so you can spend more time with your patients. 

Cuattro DR HD Digital Radiography Table with Detector

Cuattro DR HD

A whole new category of Digital Radiography.

Cuattro Hub Portable Imaging Center for Equine Practice

Cuattro Hub

One device, endless possibilities.

DentiPod Intraoral Digital Radiography


Intraoral Dental DR, only available with the Cuattro Hub

SonoPod Wireless Digital Ultrasound for use with the Cuattro Hub


Wireless Digital Ultrasound, only available with the Cuattro Hub

Diagnostic Imaging

scil IPS

Flat panel system that offers automatic image processing and optimal quality.

Versana Active™

Versana Active™

Delivering the imaging capabilities of an advanced console system in a hand-carried, lightweight package.

LOGIQ-e Veterinary Ultrasound

Logiq e R8

Making the power of LOGIQ leadership technology available to all veterinarians.


Logiq E9

Comfortably acquire and construct volumetric images in real time. Explore the smallest details with stunning clarity.

Vivid-i Veterinray Ultrasound

Vivid i

High-performance, battery-operated, portable diagnostic Veterinary Ultrasound system.

scil DDXR-70 Dental Generator

Digital Dental X-R 70

Innovative dental X-ray generator meeting the most stringent imaging requirements in the dental field.


scil DDX-R

Effectively implement Digital Dental X-Ray into your clinic today.

ScanX Duo Veterinary Digital Dental

ScanX Duo

Designed and manufactured using state-of-the-art technology to give many years of dependable service.

ProVecta HD Intra-Oral X-ray Generator

ProVecta HD Intra-Oral X-ray Generator

The ProVecta HD provides impressive performance in a single device. Its intuitive operation, focused on the veterinary practice tailors the workflow to your practice.

Handheld ultrasound vscan air

Vscan Air™

A wireless handheld ultrasound for Veterinary use that enables whole-body scanning and delivers crystal-clear images.