Canine Pododermatitis…The Agony of the Feet

REGISTER NOW FOR LIVE WEBINAR! Do you encounter pododermatitis and want to be able to quickly and reliably determine cause, prognosis, and course of therapy? Watch this free 1-hr webinar.

Free CE The Basics of Venous Blood Gas Analysis

Recorded Webinar: The Basics of Venous Blood Gas Analysis

REGISTER NOW FOR LIVE WEBINAR! Are blood gas and acid-base analysis causing your blood to boil? Learn the importance of and the techniques for venous blood gas interpretation.

Dog in rehabilitation

Recorded Webinar: Canine Stifle Injury Series Part 2: Post-operative Rehabilitation

Walk through rehabilitation of the post-operative stifle injury patient in this free webinar.

Stifle Injury Exam

Recorded Webinar: Canine Stifle Injury Series Part 1: Caring for Cruciate Ligament Deficiency

Learn about the latest surgical advancements in canine cruciate ligament deficiency, what to expect from a specialist, and what you can do when referral isn’t an option. Photo courtesy of Derek B. Fox, DVM, PhD, DACVS

Recorded Webinar: Common Oral Pathology in Dogs & Cats

Unsure what to do with occlusal abnormalities, discolored teeth, or uncomplicated crown fractures? Gain confidence with this webinar.

subcutaneous lesion in dog

Recorded Webinar: Cytology of Skin and Subcutaneous Lesions

Regain confidence in your diagnoses with his straightforward approach to cytology.

husky on iv

Recorded Webinar: Simplified Fluid Therapy for the Busy Practitioner

Unsure what to add to the bag? This FREE 1-hr webinar gives answers to this common question by walking us through the unique challenges of fluid therapy.

Tick on dog

Recorded Webinar: Hematology of Infectious Disease

Does reviewing blood films make you uneasy? Do you question if it’s artifact or parasite? Watch this Free 1-HR webinar with Michael Rosser, DVM, DACVP, MS

ultrasound on dog

Recorded Webinar: What’s In That Belly??! Your Beginner’s Guide to Canine Abdominal Ultrasound

Watch this free webinar or an introduction to identifying the five main abdominal organs on a live canine patient.

Cat with Chin Allergy

Recorded Webinar: Atopic Cats . . . What Are My Options

Dr. Alice Jeromin, Veterinary Dermatologist, brings an organized approach to evaluating and treating atopic cats who can present with extremely variable clinical signs.


Recorded Webinar: Nuances of Neutrophils: Mastering Interpretation

Broaden your differential diagnoses with a focus on the causes of increased or decreased neutrophil count in this 1-hour webinar.