Canine and Feline Coagulopathies: A Case-Based Approach

This webinar will provide real-life bleeding case examples including congenital defects, rodenticide toxicity, immune-mediated disease, and more.

Recorded Webinar: Updates on Feline Chronic Kidney Disease Management

Learn about treatments for this common disease of feline patients in this webinar.

Recorded Webinar: The Role of Veterinary Medicine in One Health

Dr. Deem discusses how veterinary professionals play a role in One Health, including how you can help counteract and prevent emerging diseases like SARS-CoV-2

Recorded Webinar: Euthanasia Reimagined: Joining the Good Death Revolution

Learn about CAETA’s 14 Essential Components of Companion Animal Euthanasia in this 1-hr webinar.

Hemangiosarcoma: How to Predict Benign vs. Malignant Splenic Lesions & Manage Disease

Learn to recognize, diagnose, treat, and monitor cases of Hemangiosarcoma in this 1 hour webinar.

Recorded Webinar: The Nu.Q Vet Cancer Test

This lecture will discuss the science behind cancer screening using nucleosomic quantification (Nu.Q®) technology and the importance of implementing screening into wellness visits.

Recorded Webinar: The Great Resignation-How Veterinary Practice Leaders Can Create a Successful Tomorrow

Is your veterinary clinic feeling busier than ever, short-staffed, and struggling with staff turnover? Watch for benficial ideas for your practice.

Recorded Webinar: Improving Efficiency and Patient Care with In-Clinic Urine and Fecal Analysis

Learn about new state of the art diagnostic tools focused on increasing clinical performance by providing a high standard of care with an expedited workflow.

Recorded Webinar: Electrolyte Disturbances: General Practice and Emergency Considerations

Refresh your knowledge on how potassium concentrations impact cardiac function, the main causes of hypercalcemia, sodium and water fluid dynamics, and more.

Recorded Webinar: Nutritional Management of Uroliths

This webinar offers a case-based approach to review the different types of uroliths, risk factors for each, and discuss the latest recommendations.

Recorded Webinar: The Facts About Fecals

Does fecal testing have your veterinary team down in the dumps? Learn the facts about fecals.

Recorded Webinar: A New Framework for Diagnosing and Treating Separation-Related Disorders

Do pet parents come to you for help with their distraught canine’s separation anxiety? This webinar is for you.