Veterinary Surgery

Enhance your Surgical Suite

From surgical equipment & tools, to orthopedics, to power equipment.

We Have the Surgical Equipment You Need

We carry IV Pumps, surgical power equipment, surgical instruments, and orthopedic implants for all your Veterinary clinic’s surgical needs. Our Surgical product specialist are here to support you. Call us at 1-866-382-6937.

Vet/IV 2.2 Infusion Pump

IV Pump

Accurate, portable infusion therapy.

iMEC8 Vet Monitor

iMEC8 Vet Monitor

Compact and portable design with up to 4 hours continuous monitoring with its large capacity Li-ion battery.

iPM12 Vet Monitor

iPM12 Vet Monitor

Safety & Efficiency in Veterinary Monitoring.

Acculan Saw for Vets

Acculan 4Ti TPLO Saw

Nex generation of battery operated drill systems made for Veterinarians.