Element HT5+®

Veterinary Hematology Analyzer

True 5-Part WBC Differential PLUS Reticulocytes

  • Advanced Technology

    3rd generation dye technology for more reliable reticulocyte detection.

  • Easy Reagent Management

    Refill reagents with ease using RFID technology and on-board menu functions.

  • Simple Data Management

    Rapidly retrieve trending data from patient record.

  • Easy to Use

    Web-style links for simple navigation.

  • Convenient Abnormal Results Flags

    Flags for abnormal cell morphology & populations including immature granulocytes, nucleated red blood cells, platelet clumps and more.

  • Efficient

    Quickly evaluate patient data with species-specific reference ranges and colour-coded flags.

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True 5-part differential plus reticulocytes...with results in only 90 seconds.

The Element HT5+ detects not only white cell volume, but cellular complexity and granularity as well.

Results in 90 seconds

Fast results can be combined using HeskaView Connect, or transmission to PIMS.

Consolidated Reporting

Rapidly retrieve patient worklist with bi-directional communication.

Intuitive Navigation

Simplified data entry and patient test review with numeric results, histrograms and scatter plots.

Technical Details & Downloads

Combine best-in-class technology with a sleek, intuitive platform to bring you a fast, comprehensive, and accurate complete blood count. 


Advanced Heska Element HT5+® technology provides an accurate and comprehensive CBC (Complete Blood Count) with a true 5-part differential, including reticulocyte parameters. Get results you can trust in 90 seconds, presented in a sleek designed intuitive color touchscreen interface. The Element HT5+ not only detects white blood cell volume, but cellular complexity and granularity as well. In addition to being accurate and fast, the Element HT5+ remains very simple to use with intuitive navigation, simplified data entry and easy reagent management. Complete CBC fast enough for the busiest clinics.

The Element HT5+ Hematology Analyzer supports your diagnostic needs with: 

  • Industry-Leading Combination Technology  
  • 5-Part WBC Differential PLUS Reticulocyte Parameters 
  • Flags for abnormal cell morphology and populations 
  • Graphical interpretations of cell size, granularity, and complexity 
  • Intuitive Touchscreen Interface  
  • Results in 90 Seconds  

Best-in-Class Combination Technology: 

  • Laser Flow Cytometry 
  • 3rd Generation Dye Technology 
  • Electrical Impedance 
  • Colourimetry 

Convenient Workflow: 

  • Simple to use 
  • Intuitive design 
  • Results fast enough for the busiest clinic 


Element HT5+ Dimensions

Instructions for Control File Download:

  1. Right click on the control file.
  2. Click on Save Link As…or Save Target As…depending on your browser.

Save to USB drive and then upload to Analyzer.

HT5+ Control Lot MB0524A, exp 07/10/24 

Normal-control MB0524AN
Assay Sheet US

Assay Sheet SI
Tri-level Controls

HT5+ Reticulocyte Control Lot ME0524A, exp 07/10/24
Reticulocyte Normal-control ME0524A-2
Reticulocyte Assay Sheet US 

Reticulocyte Assay Sheet SI 
Reticulocyte Tri-level Controls

HT5+ Control Lot MB0324A, exp 05/10/24

Normal-control MB0324AN
Assay Sheet 
Tri-level Controls

HT5+ Reticulocyte Control Lot ME0324A, exp 05/10/24
Reticulocyte Normal-control ME0324A-2
Reticulocyte Assay Sheet 
Reticulocyte Tri-level Controls


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