Mara DePena

Mara DePena is a former veterinary assistant with experience working in animal hospitals in the United States and Spain.

She obtained her B.S. in Animal and Poultry Sciences from Virginia Tech in 2018 with a companion and laboratory animal emphasis. She currently works at Morris Animal Foundation as a Project Manager.


Allergen-Specific Immunotherapy

Traditional allergy treatments aim to alleviate symptoms associated with the allergy. Instead, ASIT aims to alter or reverse immune response but where to start and what does treatment look like?

measuring the Years Success for your veterinary practice

Measuring The Years Success

Has your practice had a good year? With the year coming to a close, it’s important to look back on your practice’s performance. Here are a few things to consider when reflecting on 2022.

Navigating Student Loans for Veterinary Technicians

Navigating Student Loans

Although veterinary student debt is often discussed in the media, student debt among veterinary technologists, technicians, and nurses is often overlooked.

Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome

Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome

As our pets age, we typically focus on the physical changes that are likely to arise. However, we should also be aware of the possibility of changes to cognition and should be equipped to recognize, diagnose, and manage cognitive dysfunction syndrome.

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Managing Separation Anxiety

Our pets are our constant companions. They love us unconditionally, just as we love them. But what happens when that loves becomes codependence?

Support Animal

Dogs With Jobs

Service dogs, working dogs, therapy dogs, emotional support dogs. What are the differences between these working “paw-fessionals?

Veterinary in-house laboratory

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider In-House Labs

Regardless of your facility’s proximity to an external laboratory, it’s worth considering the merit of in-house labs.

5 Keys to Successfully Integrating Ultrasound Into Your Veterinary Practice

5 Keys to Successfully Integrating Ultrasound Into Your Veterinary Practice

An in-house ultrasound is an invaluable resource for any veterinary practice. When considering how to integrate ultrasound into your practice, consider these keys to success.

Veterinary X-ray

6 Factors to Consider when asking “Is It Time to Update my Digital X-Ray?

The world of veterinary diagnostics is constantly changing. As technology continues to advance, it’s worth reevaluating your current x-ray setup and determining whether to invest in an upgrade.

Exploring Mental Health in Companion Animals

Our canine companions can suffer from canine compulsive disorder (CCD), a disorder very similar in nature to human OCD.