The world of veterinary diagnostics is constantly changing. As technology continues to advance, it’s worth reevaluating your current x-ray setup and determining whether to invest in an upgrade.

How long have you had your current system?

The first thing you’ll want to consider is the longevity of your current setup. How old is your machine? The older the machine, the more difficult it will be to repair and the more challenging it will be to upgrade your software. The same applies to your computer system and accompanying software.

Is it working for you and your staff?

Is your machine functioning reliably? Do all staff know how to use the system efficiently? Does your current system integrate with your practice management software, or are you restricted to viewing x-rays in one room? Are your staff dealing with upset clients or treatment delays due to equipment trouble or a subpar viewing experience?

Are there safety concerns?

When was the last time your x-ray table was rad tested for quality assurance? Is it consistently delivering the accurate amount of radiation? Are you receiving the image quality you need, or are repeated exposures with higher settings needed to get the penetration you require? Radiation safety is an important factor. Have a look at your clinic’s dosimeter readings. Is there an increase in exposure? A high-quality digital x-ray system can minimize repeat exposures and lower overall staff exposure.

 Diagnostic Quality

To effectively diagnose and treat your patients, you need the highest quality images produced quickly and reliably. If you are noticing a decrease in quality and reliability, or an increase in the need for repeated exposures, it is worth considering an upgrade.

 Warranty & Support

How much time is your staff spending resolving equipment issues? Are you sinking time and money into repairs? Are you being charged for support calls? There comes a point where a machine can become a sunk cost.

 Trade-In Value

It is best to consider upgrading your equipment before your current setup falls into disrepair. Consider the trade-in value of your machine the way you would that of a car: you won’t get much for something that barely runs!