Regardless of your facility’s proximity to an external laboratory, it’s worth considering the merit of in-house labs. With the revolution of veterinary medicine in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, clients are used to waiting for veterinary services. Consider taking this unique moment in time to transition to a more efficient way of practicing medicine. Here are four reasons why you should consider in-house labs at your practice.


1. An Improved Customer Experience

With in-house labs you can:

  • Diagnose and prescribe medication all in one visit
  • Provide immediate results that build immediate value for your customer
  • Save your customers time and money
    • No need to drive back and forth to pick up medication
    • Less time away from work for repeat visits


2. Customer Compliance

The immediacy provided by in-house labs allows you to:

  • Begin treatment sooner – right at the appointment!
  • Ensure your patients feel better, faster


3. Better Emergency & Critical Care

Immediate results when you need them! Based on scientific evidence, you can prescribe medication and monitor treatment within minutes. In-house labs will allow you to:

  • Feel confident in your diagnosis
  • Improve customer experience and ease anxiety (for both you and your customer!)


4. Bi-Directional Communication

Experience the relief associated with open, clean, bi-directional communication. In-house labs not only save time, but ensure:

  • No more missed charges
  • No need to scan in results or go searching for results
  • No need for excessive callbacks
  • Easily track visible trends in patient health