scil DDX-R

Digital Dental for your Veterinary Clinic

  • Anatomical Mounts

    Image can be acquired and stored chronologically or in an anatomical mount.

  • Intuitive Software

    Intuitive software is easy to use and contains complete with an advanced report tool that creates a customized report from anywhere in the software. Multiple Languages available.

  • Rugged USB Dental Sensor

    Complete with a sensor that boasts 26.3 lp/mm theoretical resolution with durable shock resistant construction and a Kevlar reinforced cable.

  • Images in an Instant

    Instant images (3 second image capture) reduce the time your patients are under anesthesia. See up to 6 Images at once on screen.

  • Better Digital Medicine

    Easy retakes support an environmentally freindly process. No more chemicals and better image quality makes for easier diagnosis with lower radiation for your patients & staff. Image quality won’t degrade over time.

  • Customizable Reports

    Help improve compliance by showing your customers what you see.

Effectively implement Digital Dental X-Ray into your clinic today

Rugged USB Dental Sensor

Durable shock resistant construction and a Kevlar reinforced cable

Learn with Heska Vet Academy

Online courses including Dental x-ray positioning tips and tricks

Intuitive Software

Anatomical mounts, custom reports and more

Technical Details & Downloads

Digital Dental for your Veterinary Clinic

scil’s DDX-R (Digital Dental X-Ray) software is built on the latest platform to ensure a top quality product and software longevity. The intuitive software is easy to use and contains all of the features you need to effectively implement Digital Dental X-Ray into your clinic today. The species selection upon acquisition renders the corresponding biological mounts, the viewing software allows you to view up to 6 images at a time on-screen and the advanced report tool allows you to create a custom report from anywhere within the software. This advanced software combined with a rugged USB dental sensor will convert your clinic from film to digital seamlessly with a solution that will stay current for years to come.

Newsletter Article – Simplifying Dental Radiology

“You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, well, you might find you get what you need.”

– Keith Richards/Mick Jagger

During my career as a veterinary technician, nothing has been more frustrating for me than learning how to take diagnostic dental radiographs. It did not come naturally to me. No matter how many times I heard the description of the sun and shadows, it just did not sink in. Every radiograph I took only showed the crown, and often it was elongated, slanted, and just generally awful. This lead to long COHATs, frustrated Veterinarians, and one very frustrated me.

About 10 years into my career, I found myself primarily teaching dentistry. I was now in a position where I had to figure this out. The system I am going to sum up for you in this article is the system that has worked most consistently for myself and for individuals that I am teaching to produce their first dental radiographs. Hopefully, by applying the following guidelines, you can get what you need exactly as stated in the starting quote.

Read the full article Simplifying Dental Radiography: Getting You What You Need

Software Designed for Veterinarians

Image management of all dental x-rays
16 bit dynamic range for B/W images (24 bit for Colour images
 Images stored in medical DICOM format
Advanced automated filtering
Window leveling image adjustment from within the acquisition screen
Built on a current, 32 bit platform

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