Logiq e R8

Portable Veterinary Ultrasound

Exclusive Canadian Veterinary Distributor

  • Go Anywhere!

    Portable and compact ultrasound imaging makes the possibilities endless.

  • Confidence in Ultrasound

    This ten-pound, miniaturized ultrasound system delivers large-scale functionality and greater diagnostic confidence.

  • LOGIQ Technology

    Industry leading technology now available to all Canadian veterinarians. Learn ultrasound with Heska Vet Academy In-person and online with courses for all skill levels.

  • Raising the Bar on Image Quality

    Unprecedented image quality with 3D image rendering and image optimization. Open your eyes to the enormous possibilities of compact ultrasound with excellent image quality.

  • Fast for When You Need It

    20 second boot-up time reduces waiting when the situation calls for fast action.

  • Join the Exclusive LOGIQ Club!

    Network with thousands of fellow LOGIQ ultrasound users, while accessing tools, resources and more! Visit http://www.logiqclub.net/can/register to register and for more information.

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Technical Details & Downloads

Portable Veterinary Ultrasound!

A compact veterinary ultrasound system from GE that raises the bar on image quality and makes the power of LOGIQ, our leadership technology, available to all Veterinarians. Good things come in small packages. And in this case, they come in a ten-pound, miniaturized system that delivers large-scale functionality and greater diagnostic confidence. Introducing the LOGIQ e, the newest member of GE’s LOGIQ™ family of ultrasound systems that will open your eyes to the enormous possibilities of compact ultrasound.

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JOIN the Exclusive LOGIQ Club!

All Heska Canada LOGIQ Ultrasoud customers are invited to join the LOGIQ Club, an exclusive network of thousands of fellow LOGIQ ultrasound users. Club membership gives you access to tools and resources that are only available to members, helping you experience the full power of your LOGIQ ultrasound system. Being a members keeps you informed about developments in LOGIQ ultrasound technology and provides you with special offers and opportunities which are announced on the club’s own LOGIQ Club website. To register grab your serial number and visit opens in a new windowhttp://www.logiqclub.net/can/register.

Unprecedented Image Quality

3D image rendering
Colour Doppler, Coded Harmonics, CrossXBeam, LOGIQ View
Image Optimization
All digital video clip and still image capture (4,000)
Raw Data manipulation on image recall for Post Exam

Offers the Most Common Veterinary Ultrasound Probes

12L RS Linear (5-13MHz)
8C RS Microconvex (4-11MHz)
4C RS Convex (2-5.5MHz)
3S RS Sector (1.5-4MHz)
 …and many more!

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