scil vIP

Practice Information Software

Combine Results from Different Analyzers!

  • Automatic transfer of results -4 steps turn into 1!

  • Remote access for technical support.

  • Combine results from multiple analyzers to one printout.

  • Connect to devices via serial, USB or TCP/IP connection.

  • Easy import of LAD data Print to PDF.

  • Clearly arranged administration of the patient data.

Technical Details & Downloads

Combine Results from Different Analyzers!

scil vIP® is a modern and easy-to-use practice information software. scil vIP® includes two components – the scil vIP®Manager and the scil vIP® Console.

The software works as an independent practice information software or as a middleware dedicated to the laboratory who acts as an interface between the analyzers and the practice management software.

scil vIP® allows a structured and clearly arranged administration of the patient data and saves all measurement results and assigns the results to the patient data. It provides the patient owner with a print out of the measurement results in combination with your clinic data!

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