Accurate in-house diagnostics. No up front capital spend.
(Not Available in Quebec)

  • Free Analyzer Use

    Accurate, better and faster blood testing and analysis with best-in-class in-house lab analyzers

  • Free Warranty

    Your warranty is covered so you never worry or deal with unexpected expenses

  • Lowest Test Prices

    Stop overpaying for your lab when you can save around 40%

  • Price Protection

    No unexpected price hikes when prices are contracted to increase no more than 4% per year

  • Incredible Average Savings

    Invest back into your practice, increase owner compliance, positively impact your bottom line

  • Product Upgrades

    Always have the option to upgrade to the latest and greatest equipment as Heska's product line advances

Stop overpaying for in-clinic blood testing and analysis.

Heska’s Reset program provides veterinarians with accurate, better and faster blood testing and analysis up to 40% less cost than with other competitive in-house diagnostic laboratory services.

"Reset" how you think about your in-house lab.

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Customer Savings Data (based on 2021 pricing and 20 working days per month)

Test level 1/day assumes a daily average of 1 comprehensive panel plus electrolytes, 1 presurgical panel and 1 CBC.
Test level 3/day assumes a daily average of 3 comprehensive panels plus electrolytes, 3 presurgical panels and 3 CBCs.
Test level 5/day assumes a daily average of 5 comprehensive panels plus electrolytes, 5 presurgical panels and 5 CBCs.

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