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Current Issue:

September 2021

Features:  Why Wait? Aspirate!  We are Heska! New Live Webinars, Multitasking! Let’s Be Realistic, Not One More Vet.

Previous Issues:

opens in a new windowJune 2021

Features:  Dental Blocks: Are they right for your patients? We are Heska! And exciting update, Cyberbullying in Veterinary Medicine

opens in a new windowMarch 2021

Features:  Anesthesia for Dentistry: Tips to Sink Your Teeth Into. Becoming a Veterinary Technician Specialist Welcome to the team, Alison & Darlene!

opens in a new windowDecember 2020

Features:  ‘Tis The Season of Giving, Medical Mistakes: Pulling Back the Covers on the Mistakes that Happen, Why and how to use SDMA, Autoimmune Disease in Dogs, Meet Sandy & Erin

opens in a new windowSeptember 2020 

Features:  RVT Month Sneak Peek, The RVTs of scil, Someone to watch over me, Breaking the Mold: RVTs creating the careers they want for themselves, The Risks of Veterinary Medicine, Not “Just” A Vet Tech

opens in a new windowJune 2020

Features:  Corrective Surgeries for Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Correcting Issues in Dental Radiography, Alternative Treatments in Veterinary Medicine

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