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Volition Veterinary

Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Test: Accessible and Affordable Cancer Screening for Dogs

This lecture will discuss the science behind cancer screening using nucleosomic quantification (Nu.Q®) technology and the importance of implementing screening into wellness visits. We will discuss the current impact of cancer on the veterinary community, how nucleosomic quantification can potentially catch cancer early, and peer-reviewed papers/abstracts/posters that validate the process. Case studies will be presented including what to do once results are received.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how the Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Test can be woven into their daily wellness visits.
  • Learn how nucleosomic quantification can be an indicator of disease.
  • Review case studies and learn from veterinary oncologists how to interpret results.
  • Analyze the applications and limitations of The Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Test.
  • Comprehend the process of submitting a sample.
  • Evaluate the importance of early detection and cancer screening

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