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Diagnostics give our patients a voice! The foundation of wellness screening and early disease detection practices must include acquisition of the minimum patient database. The evolution of the veterinary industry has brought the expectation for immediate results under the pressures of increased patient workload – something’s gotta give! In this FREE 1-hr webinar, Carlo Riolo, DVM, practice owner and CEO of Paw Health Network walks us through how expanding your in-house lab capabilities can mutually benefit your practice and patient care. Instant availability of reliable test results improves patient care efficiency by yielding confident diagnoses, allowing immediate initiation of clear treatment plans, which provides fast relief for the patient. Learn about new state of the art diagnostic tools focused on increasing clinical performance by providing a high standard of care with an expedited workflow.

After this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Confidently recommend the minimum patient database (beyond CBC/Chem!)
  • Increase owner compliance for in-house diagnostics with efficient immediate results
  • Teach best practices for urine and fecal analysis
  • Understand the latest advancements in automation to improve clinic workflow



Learn more about the Element AIM the world’s ONLY fully automated Urine and Fecal Analyzer