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Duration: 57 Minutes

Does reviewing blood films make you uneasy? Do you question if it’s artifact or parasite? Back by popular demand, Michael Rosser, DVM, MS, DACVP shares his secrets to recognizing hemoparasites and other infectious diseases found on microscopy in this FREE 1-hour webinar. His practical approach to reviewing blood films will help you identify the many vectors of tick-borne diseases, viral inclusion bodies, microfilariae, and more. Dr. Rosser will discuss the powerful combination of microscopy, clinical signs, and concurrent lab findings to help you better diagnose these cases.

Highlights include:

  • Identifying ehrlichia, mycoplasma, canine distemper, babesia, histoplasma, and more
  • Prevalence maps and modes of transmission
  • Preparing blood films and tips for different magnifications
  • Case studies with microscopy examples