Opening a new clinic can be incredibly stressful.

With so much to manage, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Heska Canada is here to help you alleviate some of that stress by providing you with all of the equipment and supplies to fit your new clinic’s needs.

In-House Laboratory Diagnostics

Depending on your clinic’s location, it may be difficult to access external labs. Yet even with easy access to external labs, it is undeniable that there is a certain benefit to immediacy in the case of emergency surgeries, pre-anesthetic bloodwork, metabolic monitoring, etc. Having access to in-house labs allows you to test and alter medications during the same appointment and can sometimes be more cost effective. It also minimizes the phone calls made by staff and your clients will undoubtedly appreciate the immediate results.

Heska offers in-house diagnostics your way with scil flex; simply choose the analyzers and reagents that are right for you, all for one low, set monthly fee. Ordering online is easy, and all analyzers are backed by a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty.


There are few things as important as quality surgical instruments. When starting your clinic, it is imperative to determine how much equipment you will need. Are you hoping to start a high-volume spay and neuter clinic? Will your clinic handle emergencies? How many IV pumps will you need, or spay packs? Will you be performing any orthopedic surgeries? Are you hoping to have more than one doctor performing surgery at a time?

Heska offers a variety of equipment to fit your clinic’s specific needs, including surgical instruments, surgical power equipment, IV pumps, and orthopedic implants. We are happy to offer your clinic surgical instruments backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which includes replacement, repairs, and sharpening. We offer cleaning solution for your instrument and equipment needs to help you prolong their lifespan, as well as orthopedic implants for fracture repair, lateral stabilization, MPL, TPLO, TTA, and more.

Diagnostic Imaging

The importance of diagnostic imaging is unparalleled. Having a proper setup for radiographs greatly improves workflow. Radiographs should be in a location far enough away from the treatment area to prevent radiation exposure to any staff or patients other than those participating in imaging; be sure to research the laws and regulations in your area. Staff should wear proper protective equipment and patients should be placed on troughs when appropriate for better alignment.

Many veterinary programs, like AVImark, are able to integrate the radiographs together with the patient’s file. However, digital image integration varies by software, and it is important to research whether or not your hospital’s software program can integrate with specific machines. Having the ability to integrate radiographs into a file is undeniably convenient for staff and makes sending records to other hospitals, if necessary, much simpler.

Dental radiographs are becoming a standard, and being able to visualize the teeth makes the procedure much more comfortable for both patient and staff member. Performing these radiographs will in turn provide your client with the peace of mind of knowing that their pet’s teeth were visualized prior to their dental. In-house ultrasounds are also becoming a standard. They are incredibly useful in assisting with cystocentesis and the visualization of organs, masses, and stones. Instead of calling in for an ultrasound or referring your patient elsewhere, an in-house ultrasound will allow you to evaluate the patient during their appointment and to treat them accordingly.

We are also happy to offer full-body radiographs and ultrasound for large animals through our portable units. Our portable imaging systems are compact enough to fit in a backpack or suitcase and are some of the lightest portable imaging systems worldwide. Heska’s intuitive IPS software and Cloud Archive will make working with your systems and transferring images a breeze.

Laser Therapy

A relatively new treatment in the world of veterinary medicine, laser therapy is quickly gaining popularity and appraise worldwide. Our laser therapy equipment is incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide range of companion animals to attack a variety of problems: from acute to chronic, from wounds to arthritis. We offer two different therapy laser models, each with the ability to allow you to create custom protocols for your patients, and each covered by at least a three year warranty.


Is the company you are purchasing your equipment from able to offer service and support? Heska Canada offers standard support and remote coverage from 8:30AM to 9 PM EST Monday to Friday, Saturdays 9:00AM-9:00PM EST, with 24/7 support plans available for imaging customers. Calls are tracked from beginning to end through our logging system, and all of our equipment is serviced and supported from our Canadian office. We do our best to ensure that you are taken care of and that no equipment malfunctions can derail your clinic’s day.

Certified Field Service Engineers will install your equipment for you, and on-site training is included with every system. Should you need to brush up your skills, there are online training webinars as well as CE courses offered through Heska vet academy. We offer 40-50 courses per year and are proud to be a leader in veterinary CE. Our full course calendar is available online and we offer classes ranging from radiograph positioning, to ultrasounds, to echocardiography, and more.

Don’t worry.

Starting a new clinic is a daunting task. A plethora of things have to be done. Extended warranties on your products will help protect your investment, and all equipment will be thoroughly tested prior to its delivery. You can rest assured knowing that scil is here to help.