5 Tips to Help Your Veterinary Practice Get 5-Star Reviews

Maintaining a positive online reputation is instrumental to your practice success. Follow these tips to cultivate 5 star reviews.

Technicians getting x-ray of small animal

Radiation Protection in the Veterinary Hospital

Just because we cannot see it or feel it we must be aware that radiation is damaging to cells when over exposure occurs. Learn about radiation protection in the veterinary hospital.

Clients visiting Veterinary clinic

Meeting Clients’ Expectations Through Equipment Financing

At times a veterinary practice will have available cash and access to lines of credit. The key question to ask is “what is the most effective use of cash?”

Case Presentation

Veterinary Ultrasound & The General Practitioner

The costs of newer and better veterinary ultrasound machines have become so much more affordable. The general practitioner can achieve a high level of skill and confidence in a relatively short period of time.

Cruciate Ligament

Canine Cruciate Disease

The pathophysiology of cruciate ligament disease in dogs remains very complicated and incompletely understood, and the search for the elusive, optimal corrective procedure continues.

Veterinarian reviewing dental xray

Small Animal Dental Radiology

Intra oral dental radiology is fundamental to the practice of veterinary dentistry. Learn More.

Tea Cup Dog

Radial Fx-Toy Breeds

In dogs weighing less than 3 kg, fractures of the distal third of the radius and ulna are relatively common. Learn about recommendations and common repairs.

FAST Probe Placement

Global FAST– Using Ultrasound in Dog and Cats as an Extension of Your Physical Exam

Learn about the target organ approaches of AFAST (Abdominal FAST), TFAST (Thoracic FAST), and Vet BLUE applications in this informative article.