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When you see a skin lesion on a cat, is Feline Sporotrichosis on your radar? It should be. Recent outbreaks have occurred in cities around the world even infecting humans with its zoonotic potential. Join us for this free 1-hr webinar with Alice Jeromin, B.S. Pharmacy, DVM, DACVD as she discusses this unique fungal disease and clues to rapid diagnosis. She will cover common clinical signs, how the disease is transmitted, how to treat and prevent spread, and how zoonosis occurs. This information is vital to protect both our patients and their families!

At the end of this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Understand the common clinical signs of Sporotrichosis
  • Know the three different forms of Sporotrichosis found in cats
  • Be familiar with rule-outs and the steps necessary to diagnose Sporotrichosis
  • Know how to treat Sporotrichosis effectively
  • Keep your patients and clients safe through zoonotic disease recognition and reporting

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