Accessible and Affordable Canine Cancer Screen and Monitor Test

In-clinic test coming soon, exclusively on Element i+

  • Accessible and Affordable

    Now cancer screening is easily available at an affordable cost for you and your clients.

  • State-of-the-Art Technology

    Measures levels of nucleosomes circulating in the patient’s blood.

  • Peer Reviewed Evidence

    Methodology backed by studies on canine lymphoma, canine hemangiosarcoma, and other common canine cancers.

  • Early Cancer Detection

    Proven ability to detect all stages of canine lymphosarcoma and hemangiosarcoma.

  • High Detection Rate

    Detects 76% of systemic canine cancers at 97% specificity.

  • Small Sample Size

    Only 1 mL of EDTA-plasma needed for all canine breeds and sizes.

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The Nu.Q Canine Cancer Screen and Monitor measures nucleosomes to provide clinicians with actionable results.

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Canine Cancer Screening in Your Practice 

Approximately 6 million dogs are diagnosed with cancer in the United States each year. Early detection can mean better treatment and outcomes for your patients. In partnership with Volition Veterinary, Heska is proud to offer the The Nu.Q® Canine Cancer Screen and Monitor Test. Nearly 50% of dogs over 10 will develop cancer. These diagnoses are often unexpected and debilitating for patients and pet parents alike. Cancer screening with the The Nu.Q® Canine Cancer Screen and Monitor Test aids in early detection, leading to more comprehensive and effective treatment.

Cancer screening with Nu.Q® provides the opportunity to detect cancer early. Studies have shown that measuring nucleosomes in blood has the potential to detect multiple stages of common canine cancers, such as lymphoma and hemangiosarcoma. 

Intended for screening dogs 7 years and older, or predisposed individuals and breeds, Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Screening allows veterinary professionals the chance to catch cancer early and provide a higher level of care.

Watch as Dr. Sue Ettinger DVM, DACVIM ( Oncology ) covers challenges and unmet needs in the diagnosis of canine cancer, including an exciting new canine cancer screening test, Heska Nu.Q Canine Cancer Screen and Monitor.



How Does it Work?

During cell death, chromatin is fragmented into nucleosomes, which are released into the bloodstream. Cancer is usually characterized by high levels of cellular turnover, in turn leading to higher levels of nucleosomes circulating in blood. The Nu.Q® Canine Cancer Screen and Monitor Test measures these nucleosomes to provide clinicians with actionable results.

Empirical Evidence

  • 77% of Canine Lymphosarcoma Found – detection of all 5 stages
  • 82% of Canine Hemangiosarcoma Found – detection of all 3 stages
  • Multi-cancer Study Results: Nu.Q Vet Cancer Screening Test detects 76% of Systemic Cancers at 97% Specificity

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